• Could your problem solving skills make you the WINNER of an international competition?

    Bellaire High School Organization
    To improve critical thinking, team work, and communication skills
    To connect students with the local community
    To enrich problem solving experiences

  • What is Future Problem Solving?

    Future Problem Solving (FPS) is a dynamic international program involving thousands of students annually from around the world. FPS provides competitive and non-competitive components for today’s curriculum via a six-step process which teaches critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

  • What We Do?

    Club Meetings, Researches, Community Services & Competitions

    Future Problem Solving Program provides the tools and strategies students need to face the challenges of today and the future. ​

    • Six-step problem solving process is taught at the club meetings.
    • Develop community service projects.
    • Connect to stakeholders, resources & funding opportunities.
    • Training on the competition components.
    • Organize competitions and travels.
  • Curriculum: Six Step Model

    Future Problem Solving teaches students how to think, not what to think.


    Identify Challenges


    Select an Underlying Problem


    Produce Solution Ideas


    Generate and Select Criteria


    Apply Criteria


    Develop an Action Plan

  • Competition Components

    Community Problem Solving (CmPS)

    Team & Individual

    CmPS bridges the gap between school and the real world. Students in both team and individual CmPS apply problem solving strategies and skills to real-world concerns. Students create change, deal with local authorities and organizations, and make a positive impact.

    Global Issue Problem Solving (GIPS)

    Team & Individual

    GIPS can be accomplished as a team (of 4) or individual activity in which participants research a series of global topics and learn a six-step creative problem solving process. Problem solvers apply their topic and creative problem solving knowledge to address a charge presented in an imagined situation.

    Scenario Writing (SW)

    Individual Only

    SW is a competition in which individuals develop short stories related to one of five FPS topics for the year. The story is set at least 20 years in the future.

    Scenario Performance (ScP)

    Individual Only

    ScP is connected to one of five FPS topics for the year as participants develop futuristic stories to present in a creative and entertaining manner.

  • Calendar

    2020 - 21 Important dates

    January 20, 2021

    Scenario Writing

    Scenarios Due

    February 3, 2021

    Global Issues Problem Solving

    Qualifying Problem due

    Human Environmental Impact

    February 12, 2021

    Community Problem Solving

    Project Due

    February 24, 2021

    Scenario performance

    Performance Recording Due

    April 16-18, 2021

    All Competitive Components

    Texas State Bowl At San Marcos

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