• Meeting Notes

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    Global Issues Problem Solving - PP1 Results


    Our two CmPS individuals received feedback from their first practice problem! We also start researching the next practice problem topic which is wearable technology.

    Global Issues Problem Solving - Steps 4-6


    We went over Steps 4-6 of the future problem solving process.

    4. Create Criteria

    5. Apply Criteria

    6. Create Action Plan

    Community Problem Solving


    The CmPS teams continued brainstorming, now thinking about various solutions their underlying problems. We begin distributing tasks for members to focus on as we continue working on the projects.

    Community Problem Solving


    We have 2 CmPS group projects this year! The teams worked brainstormed different problems in our community, and then chose one underlying problem to focus on.

    First Virtual Meeting! Preparing for Competition


    Since COVID-19 has shut down school, we used Teams to hold a video call meeting. The GIPS and CmPS teams are preparing for the State Bowl and International Conference.

    GIPS and Community Problem Solving


    Reviewing Steps 2 and 3 for our first competition practice problem of the year and discussing ways to improve our Readiness Across Mathematics Workshops.

    First Meeting of the 2019-20 Year!


    We went over the different competitive components and topics, and then enjoyed some delicious cookie cake.

    Preparing for the State Bowl


    The Community Problem Solving Team works hard for the State Bowl this weekend! We make our presentation board (and two smaller mini-boards).

    FPS State Bowl and IC Prep


    We go over the logistics of the trip to the State Bowl and the International Conference. Then, we read at the Community Problem Solving Score Sheet that has judge's comments. We discuss how we can improve the written report, addendum, scrapbook, and PSA for the State Bowl.

    Community Problem Solving: GRAND CHAMPIONS!


    The Bellaire Senior FPS team's Project Fresh Hub is the Texas Grand Champion, so we are now prepping for the State Bowl and International Conference

    GIPS Prep 1


    New year, new fun! We begin studying for the new Global Issues Problem Solving topic, Food Waste and Loss.

    Fresh Hub: Planning for the CmPS Competition


    We are going beyond just volunteering, we must prepare for the competition.

    Fresh Hub Announcements + New GIPS Topic


    We were chosen to represent Bellaire High School at the HISD Together with Tech conference with our Fresh Hub app! Development of this app is now ongoing.

    We also introduced the new GIPS topic: Food waste and loss, in this meeting.



    Discussing 2 upcoming Bellaire FPS events: Fresh Hub Market + Scenario Performance Workshop

    Steps 5 and 6 of Global Issues Problem Solving


    Apply Criteria and develop and action plan

    Step 4 of Global issues Problem Solving


    Creating Criteria

    Evaluations & Critiques for Practice Problem 1


    Yay! Congratulations to all 4 teams that participated in GIPS Practice Problem 1. One team placed third out of all Texas teams, and another Bellaire team got nearly a perfect score on the Step 1 (29/30).

    We went over the judges critiques to learn how to do even better next round.



    New GIPS topic for November Practice Problem

    Combating Food Deserts + Food Waste


    Our Community Problem solving project:

    We will provide fresh food alternatives, like vegetables and fruits, for those living in food deserts. Not only will our project provide healthy produce for the 500,000 people living in Houston food deserts, but we will also decrease the amount of food loss and waste. Farmers and grocery stores inevitably waste food when customers reject certain items based on their imperfect appearances. We will take the healthy, fresh produce that would have been thrown away and bring them to our food markets.

    Community Problem Solving Brainstorming


    Fill out this google form to show us which topics you are interested in: https://goo.gl/forms/dRvVsqlpINKVAKjh2 

    Scenario Performance + Community PS


    Grant opportunity up to $1,000 for project in collaboration with CPA's Helping Schools initiative

    Mission to Moon, Mars, and Beyond Kahoot!


    Fun Kahoot to help you learn more about the Mission to MMB topic! (Winners got chocolate and candy)

    GIPS Practice


    We did Steps 1 and 2 on a practice future scene.

    Introduction Meeting


    For the first meeting we introduced this year's officers and went over the different competitive components. We also watched an extremely interesting video on addiction.